Our company started its commercial life by buying and selling construction products in 1980. In time, it has always been a company that always invests in its business by increasing its product range and the number and size of its display stores.In 2007, it started the collective distribution network in the Western Black Sea region and became active in the region in a short time. In 2015, we started to construct the factory to produce bathroom furniture; in a short period, in 9 months, the factory construction was completed with 10.000 m2 open and 5.000 m2 closed and we are proud of production with our modern machine park, lacquer paint line under the name of LineART brand and add value to our country. We combine the first class raw materials that we use in our products, with our meticulous and careful craftsmanship and designs and we work with our all energy to produce quality and durable modern bathroom furniture. We as LineART Bathroom; we always promise to try to produce the best and finest quality.

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